SC482 Temporary Employer Sponsored

SC482 – Temporary Skilled Work Visa

The SC482 is a temporary work visa designed for skilled workers from overseas who have an employer willing to sponsor them for a nominated skilled position within their business in Australia.

Although there are other streams associated with the sc482 process, the most common is the Standard Business Sponsorship arrangement.

This visa involves a three stage process:
Standard Business Sponsorship

  • Evidencing that it is a lawfully operated business either in or outside Australia
  • Employer must pay the SAF Levy
  • Having a strong record of employing local labour where possible
  • Can attest to having a strong record of non-discriminatory employment practices and having no adverse information related to immigration


  • The nominating business must hold, or have lodged an application for, standard business sponsorship status
  • The nominated position must be an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (MLTSSL/STSOL)
  • The terms and conditions of employment must be equivalent to that of Australian employees engaged in the same work in the same geographical area
  • The remuneration offered must be above the TSMIT


  • The nominated person applies for the visa
  • The SBS and Nomination stages must be approved and current
  • The applicant must have the skills necessary to perform the duties (in certain occupations and for applicants from certain countries a skills assessment may be required)
  • A certain level of English language proficiency is required to be evidenced
  • There is no adverse information known to Immigration

If you have an employer interested in offering sponsorship and you would like to know if you are eligible, please complete our online assessment form – we would be pleased to provide you with a free detailed assessment of your eligibility for this visa.