Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

The RSMS is designed to allow employers in regional areas of Australia to sponsor employees who are not Australian citizens or Permanent Residents for a permanent visa.

As with the ENS there are two most commonly used streams – the Temporary Transition Scheme and the Direct Entry Scheme.

There are common criteria that apply to both streams such as health/character and meeting public interest criteria.

NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS for the Temporary Transition Scheme include:

  • The employer identifies a person who holds a sc457 / sc482 which was nominated by the same employer and the person has worked for that employer for a minimum of three years in an occupation that has the same unit group code as that of the currently proposed occupation
  • The employer will offer a minimum two year contract from date of visa grant
  • Terms and conditions will be equal to that offered to an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • The employer needs to pay the Skilling Australia Fund Levy – SAF

VISA APPLICANT Temporary Resident requirements include:

  • Age under 45
  • Prescribed level of English language ability – exemptions may apply
  • Nomination is approved and current
  • Position is in regional Australia
  • 457/482 visa requirements as above
  • Occupation is on the appropriate skilled occupation list

VISA APPLICANT Direct Entry requirements include:

  • Age under 45
  • Competent English – exemptions may apply
  • Nomination approved and current
  • Occupation is on the appropriate skilled occupation list
  • Meets specific skills assessment criteria depending on situation

If you would like more information on the RSMS scheme or perhaps a free assessment of your eligibility for this scheme contact us now.